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Follow these steps to create a table, trend-line and bar chart from South Carolina Resident data.
Step One
Select a Geographic Area (Column Variables)
*To add or remove Areas select regions of interest and click on the arrows, or double click on the selected item
Area Selected Areas
Add Remove
Step Two
Select row variable (default: Indicator) (Row Variables).
Step Three
Select Indicator.

In order to view multiple variables , "Indicator" must be the row variable.

* To adds or remove Indicators, select Indicators of interest and click on the add/remove button, or double click on the Indicator.


Available Indicators
Search Indicators (Press Enter for next match)
* Healthy People 2010 objective

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Selected Indicators

Step Four
Select year(s) of interest (default: Latest).
Vital Statistics indicators are available for all years. BRFSS indicators are only available up to 2010.

Step Five
Select Demographics (Optional)
Age: Sex: Race: Ethnicity
*use ctrl+left mouse click or shift+left mouse click to select multiple items
Step Six
Choose output preference (default: Age Adjusted Rates:2000 Population).

Step Seven
Choose output presentation format.  [Definition: of Ranking or Healthy People 2010 target]


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