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Hospital Acquired Infections

Generate Tables, Charts and Maps

Step 1: Select Output type

Step 2: Select reporting period(s)
Note: To create trendlines, calendar year must be selected
At least 2 consecutive years must be selected for trendline

At least one time period must be selected

* Starting December 2009, the method used to calculate the Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Standardized Infection Ratio (SIR) changed. Previously (July 2007 - November 2009), the SSI SIRs were based on the basic risk index and published risk-stratified SSI rates. From December 2009 onward SSI SIRs use improved risk adjustment calculated through logistic regression modeling. This method allows for all available risk factors to be considered, but it also allows for the risk factors to be procedure specific.

Step 3: Select Data type(s)
At least one data type must be selected
Step 4: Filter hospitals by region and/or hospital size (Optional)

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Number of beds

Step 5: Select facility
At least one facility must be selected. Please select no more than ten (10) facilities.

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Step 6: Select locations and/or procedures
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Step 7: Select output format

At least one output format must be selected.
To create a Trend-line, at least 2 years must be selected and the years must be consecutive.
To create a Confidence Interval Plot, Standard Infection Ratio must be selected in Step 1